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The Council of Engineering Consultants of the Philippines Young Professionals Forum or CECOPHIL YPF is a dynamic group of young, active, and committed engineers, planners, architects and allied professionals of CECOPHIL member firms. YPF was formed to provide opportunities for professionals ages 40 and below to expand and enhance their professional and personal growth and development.




The Council of Engineering Consultants of the Philippines or CECOPHIL is the official member association of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) in the Philippines.  Organized in 1976, it is considered as one of the leading organizations of its kind in the local consulting industry, consisting of very active and well-established Filipino and multinational engineering firms doing various technical consulting work for both the government and private sectors here and abroad.



This research aims to develop a baseline study regarding professional women working in the field of engineering. Specifically, the study aims to:


  1. Gather statistical data on the quantity of a) women engaged professionally in the field of engineering, b) women enrolled in engineering-related courses.

  2. Gather qualitative data on key gender issues in the workplace with specific focus on equitable access to work opportunities, discrimination, and harassment, among others.

  3. Assess the success of implementation of national policies relevant to gender issues in the field of engineering.

PHI Corporation is a third-party consulting agency commissioned by the Council of Engineering Consultants of the Philippines Young Professional Forum (CECOPHIL YPF) to conduct a survey regarding the perspectives of women engineers and allied professionals regarding key gender issues in the workplace. The survey is designed to provide feedback to your organization to identify areas for improvement.


PHI Corporation will collect your survey responses and will publish and report the results in aggregated form. The results may be available to your specific company/organization upon request, but individual responses are not provided to the organization to preserve confidentiality. 


This document lists preliminary guidelines in the preparation of survey activities, general information regarding the survey, and our commitments to confidentiality. Your company will receive an invitation letter to join the baseline study. Your company is free to accept or decline this invitation to participate in the surveys. Should you decide to participate, please follow the instructions listed below. Each step is carefully set-up to ensure the anonymity of individual respondents as well as the participating company.

STEP 1: Select one (1) company representative.


The company representative will be responsible for the following:


  • Coordination with research team and dissemination of surveys within their respective companies

  • Accomplishment of survey form for companies and employers (Survey B)

  • Other activities related to the conduct and dissemination of the survey including: 1) contacting respondents for the survey and focus group discussions (if needed), 2) preparation of documents and other requirements, 3) ensuring the timeliness of deliverables, and 4) providing necessary support to ensure integrity of the results, among others.


Please ensure that the company representative can fulfill their responsibilities for the survey. It is also recommended that the selected representative is familiar with company policies on gender to ensure accuracy of survey results.

STEP 2: Contact the Research Team


The representative should contact the research team on or before September 2, 2022. The survey will be conducted between September 3 - 9, 2022. He/she should remain anonymous and also keep the company name anonymous. 


The representative should contact the research team through the following options:

  • (Option A) Create an anonymous e-mail address via any e-mail provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). This unique email will be used for coordination throughout the surveys. This is the preferred method to ensure total privacy and confidentiality. Please do not indicate your name OR your company’s name in the e-mail address. Upon preparation of your unique e-mail address, please send us an e-mail at and indicate that you are a representative. Please do not provide your name and your company’s name to ensure privacy and confidentiality. You will be provided with further instructions via this e-mail address.


  • (Option B) You may contact the research team via SMS (+63917-561-4523) and ask us to create a unique e-mail address for you. However, this is not as secure as Option A due to the fact that phone numbers can be traced via social media and other venues.

STEP 3: Preparation of necessary documents.


The representative needs to prepare the following documents:


  • Company code of conduct and related policies and reports on gender (for your reference when accomplishing the survey)

  • A master list of women engineers and allied professionals employed in your company. Please ensure that the list is accurate, as this will be the basis for survey sampling. 

Please do not send any of these documents to the research team. You will be provided instructions on how they can be utilized during the survey.

STEP 4: Dissemination of Surveys.


Instructions for the dissemination of surveys will be provided via e-mail. The survey respondents will be chosen via random sampling techniques to ensure reliability of data. As discussed earlier, this will be based on the master list of employees.


Please note that the company representative will be tasked with contacting their employees who are chosen to respond to the survey.

STEP 5: Conduct of Focus Group Discussions


Depending on the results of the surveys, a focus group discussion will be selected. The FGD will focus on discussing trends from survey results, analyzing initial results, and identifying key discussion points for the report.


A respondent from your company may be asked to participate in the FGD. In such a case, the company representative will be contacted by the research team.



This section responds to a number of frequently asked questions regarding the survey.


Who receives the survey?


Participating companies will be provided with two types of surveys, namely: a) surveys for women employees (women engineers and women allied professionals), and b) surveys for the company/employer.

Allied professionals would be defined for the purpose of this survey and study as technical professionals providing technical support in the construction industry, but not limited to licensed professionals.

The survey will be done among the firms and employees of the three identified sectors namely; 1. Developers (REAL ESTATE); 2. Contractors; and 3. Consultants. 

What questions do we ask?


The survey will focus on discussing perspectives on how women are perceived in the workplace, key gender issues in engineering, and the adequacy of gender-related policies in the workplace. 


The survey to be provided to the representative will assess company perspectives on gender issues in their workplace as well as the presence of gender-relevant policies. For participating companies, responses of employees and employers will be compared to evaluate differences in perspectives and identify key areas for improvement.


What do we do with the survey responses?


Only the PHI Corporation's research team will have access to the responses of the anonymous individuals. The responses will then be collated per company (which are also anonymous). The research team will then analyze the trends and results emerging from the responses of the participants and will come up with a Final Baseline Report. This report will then be published by CECOPHIL - YPF as a final product of the Baseline Study. Individual company results may be provided to them upon request.




The results of the study will be published by CECOPHIL YPF in a collated report. Individual results for companies may be requested by their respective company representatives.


PHI Corporation understands that we may have access to confidential information about individuals and companies participating in the study. By signing and providing this statement, PHI Corporation understands our responsibilities which include:


  • Protection of data, identities, and information related to and gathered from the conduct of the study. This includes ensuring that names and identities are not indicated in the report, presentations, or other communication activities related to the study and its conduct.

  • Ensuring that information regarding specific persons and companies (including names, addresses, and other information which may be used to identify participants) participating in the study is not divulged and published to unauthorized persons or the public.

  • Ensure that the results of the study are accurate to the best of our abilities given the circumstances of conducting anonymous surveys.


PHI Corporation is committed to ensuring that the privacy of our clients and respondents to the study is protected. Confidentiality of the results is ensured throughout each stage of the study, and safeguards are in place to protect the anonymity of our respondents.


Mary Joy Maraat

President & CEO, PHI Corporation

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